The Bears Are Ready to Be Free

Bozana loves the spring flowers. Soon her two friends will also be in their lovely enclosures.

Recently, we brought you the story of 3 elderly bears in Bosnia who were relegated to life in cages because Mother Nature significantly damaged their natural enclosures. Our work to return the bears to their semi-wild environment is underway and we’re feeling optimistic that all three bears will be enjoying the tickle of grass beneath their paws in the next few weeks.

Government inspectors have the final say in determining what repairs and modifications must be done before the bears can return to their “homes”. Complying with regulations can be complicated, time consuming and costly, but this is the only way the sanctuary can legally continue to provide the bears’ home.

Government inspectors at bear sanctuary
Government inspectors

Once upon a time, these bears were victims of intense cruelty unsuitable for even the worst horror movie. Today, the days of sorrow are now past and the bears are loved and protected. It’s our job to make sure they are forever cared for. We wish to thank all of you who are supporting the renovation for the bears.

We are impatient with the process, but all bears will be free soon

Supporting for Bears

Please continue supporting the three elderly bears so they can thrive in their sanctuary!

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