Food, Shelter and Rescue for the Animals in Ukraine

Donated pet food in Ukrain

In Ukraine, we continue to sponsor food, veterinary care and shelter space for animals who are in need. It’s hard to believe this war has carried on for two years now. All of you are providing mountains of care for dogs, cats, farm animals and wildlife. You also give hope to rescuers who couldn’t otherwise cope with the cost of trying to care for entire communities of animals. 

Imagine if one day you woke up and every animal on your street needed you. All the other humans had gone. How would you carry on?  How would you afford the cost of food and care? Now just imagine how it would feel to suddenly receive many bags of food from people half a world away.

Through the darkness of war, there are moments of light thanks to you. We are so proud of all of you for making this mission possible. 

Rescued cows in Ukraine
Feeding cats in Ukraine
Friendly cat in Ukraine
Rescued cow feeding
Rescued dogs in Ukraine

Supporting Animals in Ukraine

Your ongoing support for animals in Ukraine is crucial. Please continue to share this important mission. We can not do this without you! Thank you.

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