Meet the Amazing Marijana, Dog Rescuer

Marijana Pejic is a member of the Harmony Fund’s international league of animal rescue heroes. Based in Bosnia, she sets up feeding stations for homeless dogs and regularly brings them to the vet for spay/neuter and basic healthcare. Every month, Harmony Fund supporters completely sponsor the costs of Marijana’s dog shelter as well as the rescue and adoption program.

Not long after Marijana was introduced to Harmony Fund, she made the brave decision to save herself from an abusive marraige. Her husband demanded that all of the dogs be removed from the home-based shelter on their property. If it wasn’t for all of you, the dogs would have been in unspeakable danger with no place to go. Only with your donations, we were able to secure a new shelter location where the dogs are loved and protected. Marijana sells homemade goods to try to support herself and her daughter. No matter how hard things are in her life, we’ve never seen Marijana take a break in her rescue work. She is as devoted as the sun is bright.  We are so proud and grateful to keep helping Marijana each month. She’s one of the many independent rescuers who need our help. We are not a big charity, but we do have big dreams. Thank you for helping us help the underdogs of animal rescue!

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