We’ve Been Hard at Work: Harmony Fund’s January Rescue Programs – All Thanks to You!

Puppy with one eye laying with toy

Thousands of animals are getting help this winter through your donations. That may sound like a statistic, but it’s something far greater. It’s life-altering, blissful relief for animals who have been suffering. Today, we focus on just a few of our rescue programs in Romania. We also wish to send out special thanks to all our monthly donors who help all year long.

All Veterinary Debt Is Paid Off!

You make this possible - feeding street dogs

Each month, Harmony Fund helps to sponsor the Every Life Counts shelter in Romania. We are so proud of this mighty rescue squad and their endurance. They have a nearly supernatural ability to work through exhaustion and the emotional fatigue that develops when confronting animal suffering. Recently, we provided a special grant to clear their veterinary bills and they were over-the-moon with the major impact it had on their ability to continue rescuing more injured animals.  Sometimes veterinary debts get so large that rescuers can’t find any vet to treat their animals. Paying off this debt for a rescue squad, well, it sends them soaring!

“You helped us start the new year with zero debt at the veterinary clinic. We are absolutely speechless,” Co-Founder Ioana Marascu said recently. “This is such a huge, huge, huge help! You have been supporting us for a very long time and we have no idea how we can ever thank you.”

Rescuer preparing and laying many food bowls for rescue dogs
Black and white puppy in the snow

Cats Thrown From 6th Floor Recover

You make this possible, holding a healing cat

Our league of rescue partners aound the world are very busy rescuing cats this winter. We’ve been providing food supplies, sponsoring emergency veterinary care, hosting Spay/Neuter programs and keeping shelters afloat during hard economic times. In Romania, a great many cats are getting help thanks to you including several who were deliberately harmed.

“There aren’t dedicated cat rescuers around here and its absolutely disastrous,” Laura Finchu at the Sache Veterinary Foundation explains. “Cats face truly harsh conditions and people walk by because they don’t always see them. Often the cats are hiding just out of sight. However, sometimes it’s a different story. Just a month ago we took in 12 cats that had been thrown from the 6th floor, from their own apartment. They are recovering slowly. We have over 100 cats in our care.” 

We are enraged by such acts of cruelty. While we can’t undo the harm done by man, we can make every effort to help and heal cats who need us and to seek justice for animal victims.

10 crates in the room
A calico kitten playing with yellow ball

Dog Tied In Bag is Set Free

You make this possible - adopting a white dog

Claudia Filip is a volunteer and member of our international rescue league. We’ve been helping to sponsor her work for years, and here you see a photo of her and her husband celebrating with a dog they’ve just rescued. The dog was tied up in a bag and left in the snow. It’s hard to comprehend what drives people to do something like that, but we try to focus on gratitude for having people in the right place at the right time. Watch a 30-second video of this rescue below! 

Throughout the year, we help Claudia’s weekend project to clean out kennels at her local dog pound, to provide decent food for the dogs and to offer vet care for animals in need.  Claudia is a true gem, a wonderful person who has single-handedly helped in the Spay/Neuter of thousands of homeless cats and dogs. Your donations make a world of difference.

Rescuer feeding many puppies
Rescuer holding 3 small puppies

Food Needed at Sky Foundation

Food for dog, cat and horses - feeding hungry dogs in the snow

Recently, Harmony Fund sponsored a delivery of more than 10 tons of food for our wonderful partners at Fundatia Sky in Romania. It’s always an honor to help this amazing rescue center to care for the dogs, cats and horses at their shelter as well as MANY homeless and neglected animals in a nearby village.

“The weather is beyond bad, the road leading to the shelter is still blocked for any car,” shelter founder Mariana writes. “We have also rescued many puppies and to say the shelter is crowded would be an understatement. We were fortunate enough to send 19 animals to their adoptive families yesterday ( 15 dogs and 4 cats) but in the last 2 weeks we rescued over 50 dogs so the numbers are overwhelming.”

“In about 10 days I will have to make another order of food,” Mariana continues.”We have many to feed outside the shelter. It’s really cold but at least they get fed as often as we possibly can, so they can make it through this horrible winter. If you can lend us some help to  purchase the food or help pay for the shipping, I would be forever grateful. The forecast says it will be one of the worst winters ever and February looms. With all the animals we feed outside the shelter and on the streets, the food we just purchased will not last long. It’s time to order immediately.”

3 small puppies laying in bed
4 street dogs eating dog food on the street
Dog food being transported by truck
Rescuers car in the heavy snow

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