Rescuing More Forest Dogs 

We’re Up to 71 Dogs and Still Counting…

We’re engaged in two large rescue missions for dogs abandoned in the forests of Romania. Can you imagine how slim the chance of rescue was for these dogs and how frantically the teams are working to get them to safety before the heavy snow arrives.

Rescuer helping dog to be able to stand "We've got you buddy..."

These are forest dogs.  A forest dog is not a special breed of dog, its a dog who was abandoned by man in the woods, just far enough to make sure that the dog never finds his/her way back home. Some of the dogs are mothers with their puppies. Others are injured, and x-rays reveal that the injuries do not appear accidental. It’s difficult to impart the relief we feel as we haul the surprised dogs off by the van-full. Though they are nervous, it seems that the dogs sense the kindness of the strangers who are taking them away to a much better place. 

Mother dogs with their puppies were among those brought in out of the cold over the last 2 days.

Helping our partners at Fundatia Sky and the Sache Veterinary Foundation, we’re so thankful for the incredible timing of these resuces. Imagine if another two weeks, or worse yet, another two months had gone by. How would the dogs have endured winter in the woods with no shelter? 

Thank you everyone!

We just want to thank all of you who make this work possible. Without you, these dogs would have no place to go. Instead, space is being created to house these dogs safely with protection from the cold and all the food they need.

Puppies in the box

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