Ukraine: Shelter Building Project

Rescuer in Ukraine carries dog in the crate through bombed out city
Rescuers in Ukraine take custody of pets in bombed out buildings (June 2023)

Olena Miropolets spends three hours a day feeding homeless animals in Poltava, Ukraine, and thanks to all of you, she’s gradually expanding her shelter to take in more and more of them. She currently has 52 dogs and 16 cats in her custody, and before the coming winter, she’d like to round up all the remaining strays who she feeds each day. There are 52 dogs in the immediate area waiting for their chance to live at the shelter.

Rescuer feeding dogs and puppies
Throughout Ukraine, we continue to support rescuers who provide care for homeless animals.

Harmony Fund has helped to provide some fencing and kennels and to build a cat area at the shelter with a small garden and safe housing. This shelter project is in-progress and we are so thrilled with the results and eager to hopefully finish later this year when funds hopefully become available.

Rescuer holding puppies

“I am very grateful to you for your help,” Olena said. “For all the years of the existence of the shelter, you are the only one who helped me build something. With us all animals live freely. I don’t like chains and cages. But there are animals that need to be isolated from the general pack of dogs, these are disabled animals: dogs without legs, blind, dogs with tumors that can no longer be removed, and very old dogs. I’m happy to share with you my joy in taking care of them.”

Street dogs and kitten being fed in Ukraine
Kitten in Ukraine

We purposefully did not share photos of the injured animals who have been brought into Olena’s care recently because of the war, but there are several.

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