Sold His Books to Feed the Dogs

"I don't have anything left to sell, honestly--I'm living on the edge of existence." says Vladan Vujanic

Vladan Vujanic has a shelter for 37 dogs in the city of Sabac, Serbia. He has heart problems that have left him hospitalized recently and he is socially isolated for the most part. Across Europe, we’re trying our best to help many small animal shelters like his that have lost the ability to remain on level ground. Numerous factors including the huge jump in the cost of food following the onset of war in Ukraine have left so many rescuers on their knees.

Donated dog foods
Rescue dogs under Vladan's care

For the past few months, we’ve been buying some of the monthly dog food and also a portion of flea/tick medicine. More is certainly needed, but we’re doing the best we can with our very over-stretched budget.

Feeding his rescue dogs

“I call it ‘hungry days’, those days when I must reduce the portions of food that are already of the lowest quality. Thanks to you, the dogs finally tried some better-quality food and we have less hungry days. Thank you for everything. I can only say that God sent you, no one else.”

Carrying donated dog foods to the back of the car

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