Emergency Food Delivery for CART Shelter in Egypt

Dog rescuer in Egypt

Not a week goes by that Harmony Fund isn’t providing emergency food for shelters in crisis. Today we share the story of one such shelter in Cairo. The CART shelter is home to more than one thousand animals. The shelter is very modest and understaffed. Chronic funding shortages are compounded by people leaving more animals at the gate. There is so much room for improvement here, but until we’re in a financial position to make sweeping changes, our present mission is to prevent hunger.

Rescue dogs laying on the ground in Egypt

“In two days, I can’t afford to have food for my dogs. It costs $200 dollars a day as you know,” Shelter Founder Engy Tarek explained a few days ago. “I’m raw. The deadline is today and I can’t see in front of me. I collected just 80 dollars. I know I’m last minute, but I’m so desperate as always. Please, please, please, if you can save us from this, we will fill their stomachs. You’re the last hope, as always.”

Dog drinking water

Food was sent right away and we continue to help this shelter as often as we’re able to. So much of this aid is made possible by our monthly supporters and all of you who make contributions when you are able to.

Rescue dogs in Egypt

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