Emergency Food Deliveries: Your Donations SAVE Lives!

Hunger is one of the greatest fears any rescuer has. Imagine going to bed at night with a shelter full of animals and no means by which to feed them when the sun rises. This kind of emergency afflicts well-organized and devoted rescuers who, despite their very best efforts, have not been able to keep pace with rising food prices and somewhat smaller donations. Harmony Fund is often the last door animal heroes knock on when every other door has been closed in their face. We embrace our role in supplying food and that mission takes us all over the world!

Rescuer taking care of rescue cats in Ukraine
The Second Chance Shelter in Kyiv, Ukraine received a donation from Harmony Fund supporters recently. More than 70 cats and 10 dogs have found their home at this shelter. Many of the animals here are deaf or blind or missing a limb. Here you see them cared for by the shelter director Tatiana.
Young kids taking care of rescue dogs and puppies in Uganda
At the Zimwa Shelter, dogs are rescued from the streets of Uganda and given vet care before being homed with families.
Young men taking a photo with their rescue dogs in Congo
The Young Animal Friends Club at the Sauvons Nos Animaux Shelter in Congo are grateful for our help feeding the animals here.
Lady feeding street cats and dog in Venezuela
In Cumana, Venezuela, 70 cats received meals from us this month when we were alerted to their hunger by our partners at Red de Apoyo Canino. Spay and neuter has already begun and will continue for the remaining cats who are still growing healthy enough to undergo anesthesia. We regularly provide food for unowned cats in poor communities in Venezuela and help to organize sterilization to stem their suffering.
Buying bags of food donated by Harmony Fund in Mexico
And at St. Vincent’s Home shelter in Guadalajara, Mexico, food was brought in last week as there was absolutely nothing left for the animals to eat.

Donations Needed

We must continue keep the door open for such emergencies and we ask please, PLEASE, will many of you help us with donations today?

Our emails are full of happiness. They only come out 1 or 2 times a months!