Woman Flees into Forest with Hundreds of Dogs, Cats and Horses

Krasimira Spasova (Krassy)
Krasimira Spasova (Krassy) and her rescue dogs

Years ago, Krasimira Spasova (Krassy) lived in a Bulgarian village in her lovely grandmother’s house. She started with about a dozen dogs and cats she had saved from terrible circumstances, but soon the word began to spread about her sweetness, and before long, neighbor after neighbor began abandoning animals at her gate. It didn’t take long for the number of animals to swell, and those same neighbors started complaining and threatening to poison the animals.

rescue dog peaking from the window

To save herself and the animals, Krassy was forced to flee to the wilderness. Strong and determined, she bought a dilapidated house in a remote mountain area. No road. No running water. No warmth. Krassy braved the cold and isolation to stay true to the animals to whom she promised lifelong protection.

rescue dogs and cat on her lap

“Here in Bulgaria, the situation with homeless animals is very scary and the streets are full of hungry, beaten, run over, shot, and tortured animals,” volunteer Lyudmila Lyubenova explains. “But not all people here are bad. Many happy animals saved from the street are living free and happy thanks to an angel named Krasimira.”

Krasimira Spasova (Krassy) and her rescue dogs in the snow

“Even in her remote area, every day people dump new animals to her, puppies, old dogs, babies in boxes and bags, pregnant mothers, and sick or unfit hunting dogs,” Lyudmila continues. “She has no strength and no means, but she cannot let them die, thrown out in the middle of nowhere. The number of rescued animals is getting bigger and bigger. The cost of treatment and castration to clinics is piling up and Krassy is powerless to stop this avalanche. Although she has managed to find homes for more than 200 dogs, people in the area keep dumping their animals around the rescue center.”

Krasimira Spasova (Krassy) feeding many rescue dogs
Krasimira Spasova (Krassy) working in the snow
Krasimira Spasova (Krassy) works to help animals in need

“For 2 years Krassy has been trying to raise funds to drill the upper area and to not have to carry water in bottles for miles. The amount needed is about $6,000. Before drilling, however, a fence has to be made for the dogs in the upper area so that they are not run over by heavy machinery when drilling begins. The fence is almost ready with a lot of effort put into it, but there is still a little more to go and time is running out. Soon winter will come and Krassy and all the rescued souls will be left in the ice trap of winter, with no food, no water, no road, and no heating for her. After12-15 hours of work she’ll have to go home to a freezing house. In winter the food trucks can’t go there. It becomes an icy nightmare with 300 dogs, 10 horses, many cats, and one woman alone in the icy winter. Please help, winter is coming and it is scary and hopeless…”

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