Elderly Woman Terrified of Facing Winter Alone at Animal Shelter

Help Gorcia's Animals in Serbia

In the small Serbian village of Drazevac, 74-year-old Gorica braces herself with a stick as more than one hundred dogs circle her legs to reach the pail of dog food she is carrying. The air is cold this morning at Gorica’s home-based refuge that is safe haven to dogs and cats who have no families to care for them. Gorica is beaming with pride that the animals here are not caged. She prizes their freedom and emotional wellbeing, yet she no longer has the physical strength she once did. The chores are hard, very hard. Last winter, Gorica broke her leg on the ice and she’s deeply afraid of what this winter will bring if she must face another year all alone. Harmony Fund would like to sponsor a full-time worker to come and help care for the dogs and we’re asking for donations to help

74-year-old dog rescuer Gorica
All of these animals would be in terrible circumstances without Gorica.
74-year-old dog rescuer Gorica
The population of homeless animals in Serbia is very large. These dogs are very blessed to have food and shelter.
74-year-old dog rescuer Gorica holding her rescue dog
74-year-old dog rescuer Gorica feeding dogs

—With Winter Coming, Gorica Needs Help—

“My greatest fear in the winter is not being able to care for them the way they deserve,” Gorica said last week. “I am alone. It gets hard to walk around the shelter, to clean and feed them. The concrete gets frozen and slippery. I fell many times and fear what will happen to my dogs if I get injured. Who will help me to take care of them? It is already very difficult for me to lift buckets, to carry garbage and anything heavy. In the winter it all gets ten times harder. I desperately need a helping hand. Having to spend most of the day with them outside, even some of the nights during the storm (the dogs get anxious and scared and they need me), makes my bones get really cold and I get sick. I can’t take sick days. I have nobody else to help and just have to keep on. I am getting very old. I am very worried about getting through this winter.”

Gorcia and her rescue dogs

My greatest fear in the winter is not being able to care for them the way they deserve

Gorcia taking care of her rescue dogs

—What We Can Do to Help—

In order to keep Gorica and the animals safe, Harmony Fund is seeking monthly supporters to rally around Gorica. It will cost about $1000 a month for a worker to be at the shelter daily to take over the hard, daily chores in caring for the 25 cats and 137 dogs here. It’s a certainty that more residents will abandon puppies, kittens and injured animals at the shelter gate in the months ahead, so we’ll need to be ready for them as well. We will pay the shelter worker on the 1st day of each month, so we’re hoping some of you might even be able to sign up to give an automatic monthly donation so that we have funds to pay this expense.

Monthly donations will multiply your impact!
Gorcia's rescue dogs

—Gorica’s Greatest Wish—

“It is my greatest wish, to be able to sit with the dogs and cats here and give them the attention and love they need,” Gorica concluded. “I want people to know that I will do everything in my power, to my last breath, everything I can, to help as many animals as possible.”

74-year-old dog rescuer Gorica
Gorcia in the snow with her rescued dogs

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Gorcia and her animals need our help.

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