Please Help Us Keep the Dogs Alive – Dog Houses Before Winter

Please help us keep the dogs alive - dog houses before winter

Right now, we’re hoping that you will join us in buildling dog houses and stockpiling food for winter, which is just around the corner. Taking shelter beneath a car or in a bush is hardly of any comfort in below-freezing air and falling snow, yet this is the reality for homeless animals in so many countries. We’re making immediate plans, BIG plans, to help these animals and we hope you’ll help.

Let’s start by looking at the case of just one shelter and then we’ll tell you our plans internationally…

The Bosnian Dream Shelter Needs Dog Houses

Rescuer and their dogs

A hundred yawns beckon the gentle sunrise on a hillside about 40 miles outside of Sarajevo. One by one, the dogs here stretch before meandering out into the chilly morning air. They don’t worry if breakfast will come, they’ve simply come to expect it.

Every dog here was once harmed by humans. Some had been caught by the dog catcher’s noose. Others had been hit by cars and left for dead. The most unfortunate had been abandoned by the families they trusted and turned over to the nortorious Praca dog pound. But because of the brilliant vision of shelter founders Arijana Arijovic and Belma Duric, the dogs at the Bosnian Dream Shelter have awoken from the nightmares of the past and they now feel safe. The shelter is their home and they will live out their lives here.

Rescuer and her dogs
Rescuer with dogs

“We have given up on adopting the dogs out as the dogs are oldies and no one wants them.” Arijana explains. “With us, they have all they need except for a good place to sleep this winter. We have many doghouses, but only a fraction of them are still useable. The rest are garbage after many years of use and wearing down from the weather. We need new, insulated dog houses in order for our dogs to stay warm during the winter.”

The old dog houses need to be replaced
The old dog houses need to be replaced
The old dog houses need to be replaced

Harmony Fund would like to grant this wish and deliver 70 well-built, insulated dog houses to the dogs here next month. Originally, we had hoped to bring in construction trailers for the dogs, but the location is too steep and the crews could not bring it in due to the lack of paved entry. So, next summer we’d like to build structures to contain the dog houses, offering a double layer of protection. But for today, we can take the first step. A mountain of straw bedding has already been delivered to stuff each dog house. This is one of SEVERAL locations where we’d like to bring in dog houses. In an ideal world, every companion animal would live in a heated home with a family who loves them. In the meantime, we are doing all that we can to provide basic comforts for homeless animals living in cold climates internationally. Harmony Fund members like you can help to provide housing and food for so many animals who would not otherwise have shelter or meals through the winter season. Scroll down to see a basic summary of our winter readiness plan. We hope you’ll love it…

Rescue dogs happily lay on the grass

Do You Want to Give Houses & Food to the Animals Before Winter?

Rescuer feeding dogs in the snow

The 7 Point Plan You’re Going to Love

  1. Dog Houses: We’re building houses for impoverished shelters and dogs living at neglectful pounds
  2. Hidden Houses for Homeless Dogs: We’ll also place dog houses in strategic locations where there are many stray dogs. These houses will be well-concealed from passers-by and also chained down so that people will not steal them.
  3. Delivering Meals to Homeless Animals: Every day, we’re helping volunteers to bring food to animals who have no shelter, and that food is absolutely LIFE SAVING during winter when human food scraps quickly freeze making them inedible.
  4. Winterizing Shelters: We’re helping to make modifications at bare-bones animal shelters in order to block the wind and snow from where the dogs sleep.
  5. Clearing Veterinary Debts: Over and over again, we hear from rescue squads that they are in debt with nearby veterinarians, and they can’t get more care until that debt is paid. Access to emergency vet care becomes even more essential during winter.
  6. Stockpiling Food: It’s that time of year again. We’re asking for help to buy as much food as possible to serve thousands and thousands of meals through our league of heroes internationally.
  7. Bringing Straw Bedding and Food to Chained Dogs: We’ll be reaching out to neglected, chained dogs and bringing food and water to help them through the winter. Sadly, laws in many countries are not strong enough to prevent dogs from living chained on a year-round basis.

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