Feeding The Animals of Ukraine

Viktoriya Pride

In today’s post about our ongoing relief efforts to help the animals of Ukraine, we share the story of one rescuer named Viktoriya.

“Russian soldiers occupied our city,” Viktoriya Pride said. “Killing civilians, shooting cars on the roads. Yesterday I plucked up courage and went to the city center to show you our flags, and today we are sitting in a shelter, because all day our city is being shelled from rockets, cannons, machine guns. Our animals are running out of food and we apologize for the help! Due to the situation on the roads, volunteers who collect and send food to animals in Ukraine all over Europe cannot send food to dogs in our city due to the occupation. But we can buy at least something in local stores and somehow feed the pets. we do not forgive ourselves personally, we will endure everything and will stand to the end! but we are talking about helping our animals, please, 5 euros or 5 dollars means nothing to you, but for us in total it is help. “

Harmony Fund sent funds to Viktoriya a few days ago and we’d like to send more now.

Darkness has fallen and we must puncture it with points of light. May peace arrive soon.

To Help with Food for the Animals:

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