BREAKING NEWS: 3 More Tons of Food for Ukraine’s Animals

Our teammates at Fundatia Sky in Romania just delivered another 3 tons of food to refugees with pets thanks to HARMONY FUND’s wonderful supporters. They distributed the food to two collection points at Siret, which is on the border with Ukraine and overflowing with refugees’ animals who need help.

Volunteers have been assigned to give one bag of food to each person with a pet and to also use some food to feed wandering animals who appear to have been left there by families fleeing Ukraine. Unfortunately, this week, the team in Romania have already rescued 3 animals pitched out of moving cars, one with Ukrainian plates threw their dog out the window (without slowing down) right before our team’s eyes. The two dogs and one cat are now recovering at the shelter.

“We left our contact details for the refugees (at the relief centers) so they will not abandon their pets on the side of the road,” Mariana at Fundatia Sky explained.

Harmony Fund and Fundatia Sky are planning continued relief for the animals at the border and we are waiting for a temporary cease fire so that we can bring large trucks full of food into the heart of Ukraine. At the moment, partners there are cautioning us that drivers with relief supplies will be fired on by Russian forces, and sadly, there have been more mortalities this week of volunteers attempting to bring food to the animals.

“Unfortunately, nobody can safely enter Ukraine still,” Mariana explained. “A car that wanted to enter the country to retrieve children has been attacked immediately and all 3 people inside the car have been murdered.”

During these horrible times, we will continue our efforts to help as many as we can. And next week, we’ll share some photos from the Feldman Ecopark where we sent $9,500 to buy generators, fuel, drinking water and 2 week’s worth of food for thousands of animals. They are under direct attack and indescribably grateful to all of you who are making this mission possible. Because of you, thousands of animals will not go hungry.


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