Roof Falling in at Gladno Polje Pound – PLEASE HELP

Volunteers at the Gladno Polje public pound have been sharing photos of the dangerously decaying moldy roof, to no avail. We were made aware of this situation only days ago and are trying to see what options are possible within a small budget and short timeframe. Many of the dogs here sleep outdoors with only dog houses for protection inside their kennels. They will need straw bedding and plywood and plastic to block the wind and snow, but the dogs who get to stay inside this building face danger of a different kind. We are worried that the first heavy snowfall could cause a partial collapse of the roof.

Roof failing, feeding rescue dogs

Public pounds are often places of severe neglect and it is only through the work of volunteers that the animals receive some comfort and the chance for adoption. We hope to be able to help repair or replace the roof. It depends on how our finances stand as we balance the needs of the rescue squads here and those in so many other countries where the Harmony Fund is providing aid. Please rest assured, we stretch your donations to the absolute best of our ability to have the greatest possible impact for the animals in the most urgent need. Thank you all for being a part of this work. Without you, Harmony Fund would be nothing more than a dream… DONATE HERE

Bosnia, volunteers are everything to these dogs.

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