Sheep and Goats and Cows, Oh My!

Goats and sheep roam in the green pasture.

One lesser known aspect of our work is our farm animal rescue program. This month, we’re jumping in to help in Italy where a farm with 500 animals is closing. Our partners at the Rifugio Jill Phipps farm sanctuary are helping coordinate the rescue mission to prevent mass slaughter and will be taking in a large number of sheep and goats.

Rescuer Daniela and farm animals (pigs & chicken)

“We cannot put them together with the ones we already have,” rescue coordinator Daniela explains. “They are very delicate animals. We need funds for new enclosures and repair, castration, care and maintenance. And also for travel, because they are in another city. Even a little help is essential for them. Please, if you cannot, recommend us someone else who can help, to welcome some of these poor animals and thus save them from certain death.”

Caws lay on the hay.

Additionally, Harmony Fund is trying to lend a hand in Serbia to build a small barn for a small number of animals saved from slaughter. These special projects are so dear to our hearts and any donations would be VERY HELPFUL in providing aid to provide safety and care for these animals.

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