Greek Rescuer Pleads for Help for 150 Cats

Lamia Enan, feeding homeless cats early morning

Lamia Enan closes the front door behind her at 4:30 each morning, setting off on feeding rounds for 150 homeless cats. The Egyptian-born rescuer starts pouring sacks of kibble in the port area first, before daybreak, because those cats are at greater risk of being hit by cars rushing to the ferry. Afterwards, groups of cats in less traveled areas are fed and given fresh water. Wandering geese and chickens commonly join the feast. The cats are spayed/neutered but people bring her kittens and there are always new comers . Some of the cats are friendly and some feral. Lamia is approaching the age of 60 and trying to keep a recurrence of breast cancer at bay. After 30 years of animal rescue in Greece, she really needs our help.

Lamia Enan feeding street cats in Greece.

“One sack of dry food costs about 40 euros ($47 US dollars),” Lamia explains upon her return from another feeding run. “Right now I owe almost 1,000 euros to the vet. I also owe a local mini market for cat food supplies 440 euros as I asked him to bulk buy for me to get a better deal. I need financial support to keep this going. I’m earning much less and the financial strain gets worse every year. I totally understand and appreciate that you’ve had to scrape the barrel with fewer donations, but I’m just hoping for a little help. I invest so much love, time and emotional and physical energy and it is well worth it, but I am seriously thinking I won’t be able to make ends meet for much longer.”

Feeding street cats and ducks in Greece.

Join Our Mission

We have set up a donation page to help clear Lamia’s debt for cat food and veterinary care and to buy some food. To help, please donate today.

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