Emergency Grant for Amazon Shelter

Rescuer with wild injured bird

The Amazon Shelter in Peru has been rescuing wild animals from habitat loss, hunting, mining and illegal wildlife trade for over 14 years. Each animal is lovingly rehabilitated and released back into the wild. While they cannot take away the trauma these animals have suffered, the volunteers here do everything within their power to restore the animals’ emotional and physical wellbeing.

Rescuer with turtle

“Our biggest concern is the food for our animals,” rescuer Kim Cruz explains. “We plan to rescue another four large animals soon. The fight for survival begins again. We are doing all that we can.”

Amazon rescue shelter, monkey and sloth

Very large amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables must be brought in every day. A donation will be sent quicky to secure fresh produce so that none of the animals go hungry.

Amazon rescue shelter, a wild hog eating vegetables and fruits.

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