Care for Street Dogs in Nepal

Feeding street dogs in Nepal.

Voice of Nepal is a charity devoted to helping companion animals. Since the pandemic began, they have become the only source of food for many, many street animals daily.

Rescuers feeding street dogs in Nepal.

“Our feeding to street dogs program is continuing,” Ishwari Bahadur Thapa. “This program has become a 365 days program for us because we have emotional attachment with these street dogs since the lockdown began in Nepal in March of 2020. We can’t quit this program. Moreover, this season lots of puppies have been born. Their responsibility on us. We are doing a spay & neutering program for the street dogs where we have been feeding. We have huge requests for this program from the local community.”

Harmony Fund has sent funds for the animals here and we hope to make a 2nd donation on August 1st.

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