We Seized 30 More Dogs in Romanian Rescue Mission

Veterinarian taking care of rescue dog in Romania

Rescuing animals in some countries is a bit like attending a costume party. Everyone seems to be wearing a mask and even those dressed as police officers and animal rescuers can betray you at any moment. We routinely experience this kind of difficulty in Romania, often feeling like we’re getting cut and bruised from every direction.

Some of you may remember that last fall, Harmony Fund raided a dreadful animal shelter in the city Gheorgheni and removed many dogs and cats from extreme neglect. Following the initial rescue, the police force would not uphold the government veterinary agency’s order for all of the remaining dogs to be removed for their own safety. We could not remove all dogs on that first day because there simply aren’t many trustworthy shelters within a 6 hour drive, and the few good ones are already busting at the seams with too many animals. We hired an attorney and pursued justice for the dogs still waiting rescue.

We have had to claw and fight every step of the way to help those still in jeopardy, but finally after many long months, the mayor’s office have ordered the local police to ensure that the rescues can continue.

Work is being done to expand this rescue center in Romania so we can shelter the final 40 dogs

Working hard to build a new space for Romanian rescue dogs.
Rescue dogs in romania. Special thanks to our monthly donors!
Rescue dogs being loved by rescuers in Romania
Dogs find healing and hope here at the Afumati Dogs shelter in Romania.

We jumped at the chance and this month we seized another 30 dogs out and one special pony who had been locked away in a dark barn for at least two or three years. The footage of the dogs inside that barn is too upsetting to share, but we want to show you how the pony has responded to finally standing in the light of day again after such a long time. Please watch our special video of the rescue of Zoltan the pony. You will be delighted to see his joy as he experiences what it is like to be free from that dark barn at long last.

Watch our amazing pony rescue!

The final chapter

Now only 40 dogs remain at that neglectful shelter and they are the strongest and healthiest. Sufficient food and water is available to them. We are quickly working to expand kennel space at our partner shelter in Romania so that this final group can be taken into our custody soon, long before the cold of winter arrives. While none of this is easy, it has been life-altering for more than 100 souls we’ve saved already. Have a look at the dogs who are now happy, safe and adopted thanks to your help! The final pack will be safe very soon.

Look at some of the dogs who are already enjoying new homes with their adopters!

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