Food Drive For Romanian Animals

Rescued dogs in Romania roam free on the green grass field.

We have our hands full right now as we try to feed a great many animals on the street, at shelters, and in the public dog pounds of Romania. It’s a mission of epic proportions and we need help. Any donation will contribute to this battle against hunger. Please have a look at these photos of some of the animals who will benefit from your help. You can see they range from elderly dogs being rescued from the pound, to very young puppies and everything in between.

Harmony Fund is a small charity, trying to deliver aid to underdog animal rescue squads across the planet. This region is among our most challenging. Your donations today will provide food immediately for our partners at Every Life Counts rescue center and Fundatia Sky rescue center, both of whom are very active in providing food well beyond the gates of their own shelters.  Feeding homeless animals has always been a cornerstone of Harmony Fund’s work in Romania, and we aim to continue that during the month of April as well as buying more palettes of food for dogs who are trapped in neglectful dog pounds where only small bits of unpalatable food are provided by the government workers.  While the magnitude of the problems facing homeless animals in Romania is daunting, we hope that the photos we share today will show you the true power of your donations at work.

Thank you all.

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