Good Hope Shelter Thanks You All

Dobra Nada

In January, many of you rallied to help the Good Hope (Dobra Nada) shelter in Serbia following the sudden death of the shelter’s founder Laslo Boka. Well, your amazing outpouring of support has provided a small mountain of food for the animals there.

Donated food and rescued dogs and cats

“Snezana and I are left speechless,” said Mirjana Knezevic who takes 2 buses and a cab each day to reach the shelter. “We have no words to say how moved we are by this. We are really blessed to have someone like you and your organization help us for so long.”

Rescued puppy on rescuer's shoulder, safe.

Though the weather sways back and forth between a frozen and muddy ground, the animals here tolerate Mother Nature fairly well. They know that they are loved and safe and well fed while waiting for adopters. Thank you all for helping them remain cared for under such difficult circumstances.

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