Young Canadian Activist Starts Blooming Rescue for Bunnies!

“The things I do for the bunnies!” Ashley Mulvihill said standing over her kitchen sink looking down at a bounty of veggies in late November. “I just picked the last of the carrots for the season in a severe wind/ thunder storm this evening. Can’t wait for next spring!”

Ashley Mulvihill runs Sweetie’s Rescue, a 2-year-old charity that in Ontario that takes in abandoned pet rabbits, gets them vet care and then finds foster or permanent homes. Most require spaying or neutering, but some have more serious illnesses so vet bills can climb into the thousands of dollars.

“There are a lot of rabbits in our community that need help,” Ashley said. “Because of COVID this year was even tougher and many of the fundraisers were canceled. We have been working hard to raise money for all the vet bills and with 3 upcoming surgeries we are struggling to buy pellets and litter for the bunnies already in the rescue.”

“Thank you so much,” Ashely said last month. “That will help a lot. Things are going to be soon shutting down (because of COVID) here since we are going to become a ‘grey zone’. Now we will be able to stock up on food for the rabbits so we don’t have to worry for a bit.

Though we are full, there are 4 strays that are in need of rescuing and shelters around here will likely be closing for intakes soon too. So we will have to find a way to make room for them. This money will help us to prepare to take them in too. I can’t thank you enough.”

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