Hero Dies of Sudden Heart Attack We Must Feed the Animals

Laslo Boka

Laslo Boka woke at 3am and told his wife he was feeling unwell. She was deeply concerned about her husband, a chiropractor and massage therapist, who was not prone to being an alarmist. Laslo practiced good health and he knew his body well. But in this moment, he was afraid and Mrs. Boka immediately phoned for an ambulance.

To the sound of barking dogs raised from their slumber, Laslo was taken on a stretcher from his home in Novi Sad, Serbia. He passed away of a heart attack before arriving at the hospital. Among the last sounds Laslo heard were those of his pack, some of the most grateful dogs on this planet, raising their voices to try and protect him from the strangers who arrived in the night. The dogs miss Laslo terribly, and now, we must help this small rescue center stay afloat.

“We are all in shock …it’s hard to find words,” explained Mirjana Knezevic who helps out at the Good Hope (Dobra Nada) rescue center which fell on very hard times when Laslo’s income was lost during the pandemic. “I guess all the stress and uncertainty was just too much for him. But we indeed are not intending to give up on the paws. Now we work intensively on finding good homes for as many of them as possible. Once the number of animals decreases, we hope it will get a little easier.”

The animals still remain at the property as Zoltan, the owner of the property, was also Laslo’s friend. Laslo’s wife continues to care for all 15 cats and teammate Snezana shoulders the hard, physical work of cleaning, watering and feeding the 58 dogs.

“For dogs in winter we also buy meat and stale bread,” Mijijana explains. “With that, we cook warm meals because the shelter is located on a property outside of the city. There are just meadows around and the cold gets harsh, so warm meals are a necessity.”

Harmony Fund sent funds for a two week supply of food at the beginning of this month, and next week we’ll provide more. The cost is only $237 a week to feed all of the animals. We only hope that Laslo’s soul can see that the light of his mission here on earth continues through the hearts and hands of people who care.

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