Calf Rescues Lead by Young Activist

▲ Elma Ščetić and her rescued cow

Elma Ščetić is a young woman with an old soul. She recognizes crimes against animals and is eager to do something to help. She is very involved in dog rescue efforts in Bosnia, but recently she’s also taken on the role of COW RESCUER.

“I’m trying to save this little cow,” Elma wrote to us recently. “She’s 2 months old and she’s 200 kilometers from me. The man who sells her said that if I want to buy her I have to raise money by Wednesday!”

Elma already had one calf and a mother cow who were saved last year.

“They wanted to kill her because she was restless,” Elma explains of how her first mother cow arrived. “My father bought her because he was sorry that they would kill her so young.”

So when Elma turned to us for help saving a calf before it was too late, we were happy to help. And before long, another calf needed us and again we agreed to help.

“This baby is without mother,” Elma said. “I’m trying to save this beautiful calf from murder. They want to slaughter him if he doesn’t sell. The man is selling it for 230 euros. The peasants separate the calf from the mother as soon as it is born and sell it to the butchers.”

Elma now has 4 calves, and while these rescues may be but a drop in the ocean of cows who are in danger, just one look at these photos tells a story of love and mercy in its purest form. The calves have formed a new family, with Elma, among the many dogs she has saved as well. The cows sleep in a little barn and spend lots of time outside during the day. They will live out their lives without expectations to do anything for humans. Indeed, love lives here. If only every cow could be this blessed…

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