Bringing Food and Hope to Romania Dog Pounds

Claudia holding one of her small rescue dog

Last year we successfully helped to close down a brutal dog pound in Romania and now we have been asked to help again, this time in the neighboring town of Piatra Neamt. Until we stepped in a few weeks ago, the dogs here were getting only small bits of unpalatable food and many were too scared to eat. But now we are buying food by the palette (about $550). Local volunteer Claudia Filip is bringing meals to the dogs and veterinary care has also begun.

Donated food

“We arranged for a vet to go with Claudia 3 days in a row this week, to deworm all the dogs,” Harmony Fund’s Debbie Evans explains. “We were donated a load of worm pills from Germany, all that would go out of date at a veterinary office, so they gave them to us. Now 241 souls are dewormed.”

Perhaps one day we’ll be able to shape massive reform of Romania’s dog pounds to end the cycle of suffering. For today, we are doing our best to take small steps to help as many as we can. And we are seeing more signs of hope as other volunteers have started joining Claudia at the pound.

Claudia caring for rescue dogs

“Today we volunteered with 2 good ladies in the shelter,” Claudia said. “It fills my heart with joy to see young people who want to change something, who volunteer, and who pay from their pennies for dog food.”

Claudia caring for rescue dogs
feeding puppies at romania pound

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