Feeding Animals During Corona Outbreak

We are incredibly thankful to be helping underdog rescue squads during this time when they need us most. Without all of you, so many animals would go hungry. Many of you have been making donations to help and we have already sent aid rescue centers in Romania, Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey, Bosnia, Serbia, and Venezuela as well as the USA. We will be feeding many, many animals.

Here’s what our rescuers are experiencing:

“We need food for our shelter due to the lockdown. We are also feeding the street cats and dogs since everything is closed for the next 14 days and no one will have food for them”

– Sustiyah Purwaningsih in Indonesia

“Turkey is going into lockdown. We are not supposed to go out… As it stands we have 4 days’ food which I bought today and that includes meals for today. So enough until the 19th. 20th we are out and if I can’t go out or buy food, the dogs and cats can’t eat!”

– Karen at the Turkish Animal Group

“Situation here is becoming critical especially regarding food and medicines. If anyone can help, please do as I really need to get supplies of everything needed to make sure no one stays hungry or sick without basic medicines. 150 dogs depend on food from me and more than 100 cats. Please if you can help. We need to be fast. Supplies will disappear in a few days. Most of it is already gone.”

– Naida Kaltak in Bosnia

Please stay well everyone. This storm will pass. We all must carry positive energy inside of us and focus on being kind to one another. Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. I promise that we at Harmony Fund are doing everything to make sure the animals aren’t hungry. If you would like to help, donate below!

Sending you lots of hope, strength and good health.

Donate for This Mission

To help us provide daily food patrols, veterinary care, spay/neuter for animals in this story and animals around the world, please consider donating below. Thank you!

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