One Year Later – Romanian Pound Closed

Thank you from Romanian rescued animals

Many of you have supported our efforts in Targu Neamt, Romania, where we brought court cases against the Mayor and City Hall, for cruelty and fraud, against the dogs in the local pound. After several months of providing food and adopting out as many dogs as possible, we legally closed the pound and removed all the dogs into our care in April of last year. Today, 66 of them have been placed in good homes. But not all the dogs were ready for family life after the trauma they suffered. Many witnessed, or were the direct victims of, deliberate violence. Rehabilitation of the remaining 43 dogs continues. And the criminal cases are ongoing as well as new ones brought against the adjacent town’s pound as well.

“It is only with your huge help that all these dogs are saved,” Harmony Fund’s Debbie Evans explains. “Last week, we had 8 more dogs settling into life in the UK. Though arriving just days ago, they are already enjoying warm beds, lots of yummy food and are either learning to like cuddles or enjoying a million already for those who are ready. Thank you all.”

Thank you from Romanian rescued animals

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