Month’s Supply of Food for the Bark Ark

In a special matching-gift campaign on Facebook during the month of January, we raised funds to provide a month’s supply of food for 700 dogs at the Bark Ark in Bosnia.

“It’s a heavy and expensive task that we have to do every day,” The Bark Ark director Bojan Veselica explained. “Each day, 450 kilograms of food is needed for all tummies to be full. We are 6 months behind in paying for our bills for food.”

The municipality gives Bojan enough money to catch and kill each dog only. The city has no interest in food, veterinary care or adoptions. But Bojan is a hero, not a killer, therefore this Bosnian shelter is entirely at the mercy of donations. Bojan talks to the local distributors to give him more credit, but you can imagine what kind of burden this is on the shoulders of one man.

Upon learning of our donation for the dogs, Bojan was absolutely thrilled. “This came at a magical moment when we are so late with payments and we fight for every single euro,” Bojan said. “Thank you all. God bless you.”

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