New Sanctuary for Homeless Cats of Turkey

After nearly 9 years of soulful work on the streets of Turkey, our mission is taking a new leap forward in the form of a sanctuary in the mountains.

Sanctuary in mountain

Though we are still in the early stages, some feline residents are already checking out their new home.

Rescued cats now have their room and being fed.

Here you see veterinarian Dr. Osman putting the finishing touches on one of the outdoor catteries. After an acclimation period, the cats will be allowed to explore the larger part of the sanctuary.

Veterinarian Dr. Osman

Each day, we are feeding more than 500 cats on the street here. They are all hungry and very, very thirsty in this hot weather.  The deliveries take more than 8 hours a day and span a 17-mile stretch.

Street cat in turkey being fed and lady holding a rescued kitten.

The cats are so grateful to have this form of care and many of these street cats will eventually be relocated to the sanctuary.  We also plan to increase spay/neuter efforts in the community.

Street cats in turkey being fed.

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