Look What You’ve Done for these Animals in Romania

So many of the underdogs we partner with are rescuers who sacrifice everything to help homeless animals. Alexandra Sarau is no exception. We’ve watched her and her family struggle endlessly to care for animals and we have helped as frequently as we can. We stepped in with emergency aid again recently because Alexandra was so deluged by veterinary bills that she was behind on paying the rent and being threatened with eviction of all dogs and cats. When our aid arrived, she had only one day’s worth of food left for the animals. The store would lend no more food on credit until her debt was settled.

The dogs do not arrive here in good condition. Many who are rescued will need surgery, medicines, heartworm treatment, spay/neuter and vaccines. Alexandra works as a translator and puts every bit of her pay towards keeping the dogs alive. Her mother works at the shelter cleaning and caring for the dogs for many hours each day. But these heroes get desperate when it’s simply not enough, and Alexandra writes for help in tears.

“The shelter man who helped me clean for years has stopped coming because I couldn’t pay him on time,” she said. “It’s a roller coaster for me, ups and downs, ups and downs. It’s depressing when there is all this work and not much help and so many dogs and cats depending on us every day.”

Alexandra was overjoyed to receive help thanks to the donations of Harmony Fund supporters like you.

“Thank you very much for your help,” Alexandra said. “We can pay the vets, rent, buy food and prepare some dogs for adoption. I’m so thankful!”

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